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Collection: Glitters/Printed Glitter

Chunky Glitter Faux Sheet - Our coarse glitter fabric selections feature chunky glitter measuring between 0.8 mm to 1.2 mm thick. Most of our Chunky glitter fabrics feature a back in white. glitter fabrics with knit backing for projects where you need just a bit more flexibility.

Chunky Glitter Canvas - Thicker canvas/knit like backing.

Fine Glitter Faux Sheet - Are a thinner glitter sheet. There is course and Smooth. Course you can feel the glitter when you run your hand over the fabric. Smooth you won't feel when you run your hand over the fabric. Thickness of fine glitter sheets 0.4

Chunky Glitter Lace - Chunky glitter with a lace overlay Smooth fine Glitter Smooth feel instead of textured

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